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Winning Email Improve your Mad Mimi click-through rates with Email Booster.

Improve Your Reader Engagement with the Email Booster Tool

With more than 15 years of industry experience, the folks at Winning Email have built an incredibly insightful online platform designed to help you find and fix problems that impact your email deliverability. Their Email Booster tool now integrates with Mad Mimi, equipping you to set your content up for amazing delivery before any emails go out the door.

Review your subject lines for effectiveness, pre-screen your content for potential spam issues, or just give your spelling a quick once-over. With the Email Booster tool from Winning Email, you can confidently tweak your Mad Mimi content until you know it's as clickable as it could be.

Get Started in Minutes

  1. Log into your Winning Email account, and head over to your Email Booster Connections page.
  2. Underneath Mad Mimi, click the Connect button.
  3. Enter your Mad Mimi API key. For instructions on locating your API key in Mimi, click here.
  4. You'll see a page displaying all your Mad Mimi promotions. Click whichever one you want to analyze using Email Booster. This will cause a test email to be sent from your Mad Mimi account to Email Booster, which typically takes 20 seconds or less.

Voila! With Mad Mimi and Winning Email tied together, you'll now see the Email Booster report, jam-packed with actionable information to help you improve your Mad Mimi View and Engagement rates.

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